TOO-301 Principles of Digital Telecommunications
TOO-351 Wireless Digital Communications Systems: Components, Specification, Test, and Evaluation
TOO-353 Wireless Digital Communications Systems: Requirements, Specifications, and Test
TOO-320 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) – Principles, Architectures, and System Applications
TOO-319 Engineering Foundations of Cellular and PCS Communications Systems
TRO-350 Cellular Communications: Foundations, Deployment & Evolution
TOO-363 GSM Systems Operation and Technology
TOO-310 Radio-Channel and Antennas for Cellular and PCS
TOO-344 Modern Cable Television, CATV, Technologies and Emerging Services
TOO-386 Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics, and Laser Applications in Modern Systems: An Overview for Non-Electrical Engineers
TRO-397 Multisensor Data Fusion For Multitarget Classification And State Estimation
MRO-231 Principles of Product Reliability – An Introduction for Designers
TRO-312 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Radio Technology
STO-651 Multimedia Communications: Technologies, Systems, and Services
TMO-309 Introduction to Satellite Communications for Non-Engineering Professionals
NTO-821 Comprehensive Introduction to Networking Technologies
STO-619 System and Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications
STO-617 Information Security and Software Risk Management

Industrial and Plant Engineering


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