SOO-603 Software Engineering Principles, Techniques, and Tools
SOO-606 Management's Role in Achieving Predictable Software Development
STO-619 System and Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications
SRO-644 Modern Data Mining: Concepts, Methodology, and Applications
SOO-616 Software Verification and Validation
SOO-696 Software Verification and Validation: An overview for practitioners
STO-618 Software Development Within an ISO 9000 Quality System
STO-617 Information Security and Software Risk Management
SOO-620 Computer Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation Fundamentals
SOO-621 Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Computer Information Systems
SOO-656 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
SOO-673 Introduction to Programming in C++
SRO-657 Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Methodology - An Overview of OOSEM
STO-640 Computer Networks and Telecommunications Technology and Engineering
STO-641 Modern Data Network Engineering and Management
STO-650 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: Is it a viable business model?
STO-651 Multimedia Communications: Technologies, Systems, and Services

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