The application of technology is not a necessary and sufficient condition to its ability to produce change in organizational structures.

Organizational change must be understood, lead, and managed. The principles and practices of organizational design and system thinking combine the power of technological breakthrough with the excitement of tapping human potential. The new role of the middle manager is the key to success. The dynamic exchange of information, power, control, and energy requires a new and evolving organizational architecture. This emerging organization will be simpler in its design. Jobs will have more compexity and a higher use of technology, as an entrepreneurial spirit emerges. A focus on customer value added work is resulting in a new and richer set of job skills. These shifts require massive organizational redesign and pain.

This course helps you understand and manage the pain and benefit from the change. The nature of work is undergoing a profound change in every type of organization including: for profit, government, and non-profit. Only by taking a holistic and systems view of your organization's future can you hope to survive and prosper into the next century.

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This seminar will provide useful information for managers and executives leading organizational change efforts; facilitators and change agents; internal and external consultants; organizational designers and redesigners; self-directed team members and team leaders; and educators and governmental officials.

Course Outline:

Text: Paving Your Path to Success by Glen Hoffherr and Robert Reid, published by Markon, Inc.

About the Instructor

Glen Hoffherr is the Vice President of Operations at Markon, Inc. He is an author, lecturer, trainer, and consultant to Industry, Government, Health Care, Education and Service Organizations. He spent over 20 years in the high technology industry in Operations, Customer Engineering, and Research and Development. He has authored or co-authored over 10 books as well as numerous articles.His next book Paving Your Success Path will be out in late 1996.

Robert Reid is co-founder of the Organizational Effectiveness Institute. He has written extensively in the area of organizational change management, creative thinking, and systems design. In his 25 years of consulting experience, he has worked with over 50 major companies worldwide. His recent book is entitled Change From Within: People Make the Difference.


Course: MGM-223 Duration: 2 Days FEE: $1,099 CEUs: 1.44

Call for special price if taken in conjunction with MGM-222

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