ISO 9000 is becoming the international standard for commerce. This course provides an outstanding opportunity to survey its merits, requirements and implementation procedures.

The ISO 9000 standards series is the standard requirement for international and domestic trade. It has been a major catalyst in the universal upgrading of organization quality and operations systems throughout the world. This ISO 9000 Seminar offers you and your organization opportunities to develop and expand your quest for quality on an international basis. This seminar will show you a registration action plan which has proven effective for many companies. It will show you how to develop management program documentation consistent with the ISO 9000 standards. This seminar will also discuss QS 9000, which has an important role in the future development of the standards.

Applications and benefits:

You will benefit by enhancing your understanding of the :

Who should attend:

This seminar will provide useful information for those who are responsible for or involved in implementation of ISO 9000. This course would be relevant for general managers, plant managers, managers who are concerned with practical application, Quality Control/Quality Assurance managers, engineering supervisors, members of the ISO team, production supervisors, process engineers, and purchasing and sales managers.

Course Outline:

About the Instructor

Don Ekvall is President of Management Systems Analysis, Inc., and has more than 40 years of industrial experience in the field of quality and manufacturing management. He has worked with senior management, implementing ISO-9000 Management systems in support of Total Quality Management, Process Management, Project Management and ISO 14000, and other continuous improvement concepts. Mr. Ekvall has been a United Nations consultant on several international posts. He is the author of Section 9, "Manufacturing Planning for Quality", of the third edition of the Quality Control Handbook, Joseph M. Juran, editor. He is a Fellow ASQC, and ASQC Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer and a registered Professional Quality Engineer.

Mr. Ekvall holds a BSEE from the Moore School of Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Industrial Management from the Wharton School, both of the University of Pennsylvania.


Course: MGM-225 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,499 CEUs: 2.16

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