...a most illuminating introduction to sonar operating principles, systems, applications and the underlying technologies...

This SONAR course provides sound operational and engineering foundations of SONAR principles and technologies. The brief SONAR history presented here, along with physical phenomena and system applications lays solid ground for future pursuits in this field. The presentation is unique in its use of synthesized audio to provide the most realistic SONAR signatures and background, thus enabling the participants to not only see, but also to hear how sonar signals fit within the entire underwater acoustic environment.

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This course introduces the principles of sonar systems, as well as their missions and objectives, rendering it an invaluable resource for executives, program managers, system analysts, engineers, simulation programmers and others who manage, design or operate sonar based systems. Although this course has no prerequisites, college level math will be helpful.

Course Outline:


Principles of Underwater Sound, 3rd Edition, Robert J. Urick, 1996.

About the Instructor

Dr. Jeffrey L. Altman has extensive experience in torpedo (MK-48 ADCAP & MK-50) and towed array (SQR-19 & TB-29) sonar while at Gould Naval Systems Division and ship borne ASW sonar (AN-SQQ-89 Suite) and imaging mine hunting sonar (AN-AQS-14) at Northrop Grumman Undersea Systems. His experience spans the full product life cycle - from requirements derivation into system development and test (technology, advanced system, engineering) through production and field support - with particular emphasis in sonar system analysis, simulation, beam forming and signal processing design and test. His education includes SB Mathematics and SB Electrical Engineering from MIT and MS and PhD Electrical Engineering from Case-Western Reserve University.


Course: ROO-460 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,499 CEUs: 2.16

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