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... comprehensive introduction to the field of data mining covers the basic principles as well as the most advanced techniques employed in commercial and military applications in DoD use today?

Rapidly evolving technologies enable the cost-effective collection and storage of massive amounts of data. The ?knowledge? content within these data present organizations with new, historically unmatched, opportunities to enhance their decision-making processes. Data Mining provides the power to discover and model the relevant knowledge (i.e., patterns and relationships) residing in the data. This essential component of the knowledge discovery process augments other capabilities (e.g., OLAP queries and data visualization) in the organizations? decision support system architectures.

This course provides an introduction to the principles, processes, and techniques employed by data mining for discovering the underlying relationships in large amounts of data. Topics covered include the data mining process, data preparation, and model development/validation, as well as a number of pattern recognition techniques. Techniques covered include the traditional statistical pattern recognition, as well as the more recent artificial neural networks, decision trees, genetic algorithms, and hybrid systems. Concepts introduced are supported by extensive examples of the techniques used in commercial and military applications solving practical data mining problems.

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This course, focusing on the concepts and techniques utilized in effective data collection, analysis and exploitation, offers a solid foundation in the science of Data Mining. The powerful techniques of Data Mining serve sophisticated commercial and military applications, both discussed in depth. The information presented here serves as an invaluable resource for managers, analysts, consultants, scientists, engineers, data mining practitioners, and all others who are interested in applications of leading-edge data mining techniques towards improvement of decision-making processes. This course does not have prerequisites; however, a familiarity with large databases would be helpful.

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Text: Attendees will depart with a binder full of slides, supporting notes, and data mining references.

About the Instructor

Dr. William Crocoll is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Integrated Technology Solutions Unit of ITT Industries? Advanced Engineering and Sciences Division. He has taught data mining and artificial intelligence courses, workshops, and seminars to over 500 Department of Defense analysts while a professor at the U.S. Army Logistics Management College, as well as knowledge-based systems and data mining techniques to graduate students while an adjunct professor for the Florida Institute of Technology. His practical experience includes developing data mining solutions for predicting potential challenges to U.S. global security interests, prioritizing advertising leads, classifying vehicles using multi-sensor data, and forecasting resource leveraging for a community service organization. He is currently working on a number of data mining/fusion efforts for the U.S. government.


Course: SRO-644 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,599 CEUs: 2.16

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