Most timely, focused presentation of the Object Oriented Programming methodology, languages and applications.

Object Oriented Programming, (OOP), has been evolving over the last two decades; it was not until recently, however, that it gained prominence as a preferred methodology in many applications. Object Oriented languages such as C++, Smalltalk and CLOS find widespread use today. This course introduces the programming methodology and explores the benefits of the Object Oriented Programming in building modern software systems. Several course sessions will be dedicated to actual demonstrations of object oriented programming.

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This course introduces the powerful methodology of Object Oriented Programming and its applications in science, technology and business. It will serve as an invaluable resource to program managers, systems analysts, software developers, engineers and scientists who currently use OOP, or consider using it in the future. The prerequisite for this course is a working knowledge of one or more structured programming languages such as C, Pascal, Ada or Lisp.

Course Outline:

Text: Object Oriented Programming Using C++ by Ira Pohl and Benjamin Cummings

About the Instructor

Dr. Dan Benanav is a Member of Technical Staff, Network Planning & Engineering Systems at NYNEX Science and Technology Corporation, where he is involved in the development of SONET Telecommunications Interoffice Network Planning, Object Oriented Systems. Before joining NYNEX, Dr. Benanav was Assistant Professor, Computer Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he taught courses in Object Oriented Programming, C++, Artificial Intelligence and Data Structures and Algorithms.

Dr. Benanav has published numerous technical papers on software related topics. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1989.


Course: SOO-656 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,499 CEUs: 2.16

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