for Non-Engineering Professionals

Easy to grasp, step-by-step introduction to the Satellite communications concepts, technologies and business environment.

Satellite based communications are an intrinsic component of the much larger communications grid to which we grew accustomed. The principles, technologies and business cases that apply to the Satellite segment are similar, yet different. This course is dedicated to bringing the notions of Satellite communications to Non-Engineering professionals who seek an understanding of the principles, technologies, features, management, economies, etc., unique to this business.

The first day of the course is devoted to the principles of satellite communication with a special emphasis given to satellite and earth station design, operations and applications. The second day is devoted to the business of satellite communication with special emphasis on strategic planning issues, including regulatory and economic issues affecting the growth and development of the satellite industry.

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This course is dedicated to bringing the notions of Satellite communications to the Non-Engineering professionals who need an understanding of the principles, technologies, features, management, economies etc, unique to this business. It is an invaluable resource of information for Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Legal Staff, procurement and Support Personnel who offer the services, or are the users of Satellite Communications. This course has no prerequisites.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Principles Of Satellite Communication

Day 2: Satellite Communication & Strategic Planning

About the Instructor

Richard A. Gershon, Ph.D.,, (Ohio University, 1986) is Professor and co-founder of the Telecommunications Management program at Western Michigan University where he teaches courses in Telecommunications Management, Law and Policy and Satellite & Cable Communication. An award winning author and lecturer, Dr. Gershon has presented numerous management seminars to telecommunications organizations worldwide. He is the author of Telecommunications Management: Industry Structures and Planning Strategies (2001) and The Transnational Media Corporation: Global Messages and Free Market Competition, winner of the 1998 Book of the Year by the U.S. National Cable Television Museum. Dr. Gershon has twice been selected for teaching honors, including the Steven H. Coltrin Professor of the Year Award (2000) by the International Radio& Television Society (IRTS) and the Barry Sherman Award for Teaching Excellence (2001) by the Management and Economics division of the AEJMC.


Course: TMO-309 Duration: 2 Days FEE: $1,199 CEUs: 1.44

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